Our Trees

Buy a Real, Fresh, Tree…We are currently growing Canaan Fir and Norway Spruce. They are still growing and will not be for sale for a few years. However, we will continue to bring in Pre-cut Frasier Firs to sell here at the farm every Christmas until our trees are ready!


Tri-Fire Icon Canaan Fir
The Canaan fir is quickly becoming the tree of choice. It closely resembles the Fraser fir, which has long been a favorite choice for a Christmas Tree. The Canaan fir has firm branches, perfect for hanging heavier ornaments. Needle retention is excellent, adding to the popularity of the Canaan fir.


Tri-Mold Icon Norway Spruce
A short needled tree with more spacing between the branches. Needle retention for the Norway is average, so most growers recommend this tree to be purchased later in the Christmas season.


Tri-Water Icon Fraser Fir
Characterized by branches that turn slightly upward. The Fraser fir is a crowd favorite, boasting excellent needle retention and a pleasant scent.